Our Radio

Back ground of the catholic radio station

The first Catholic Radio Station on the continent of Africa was the ELCM
community Radio. It was owned and operated by the Catholic Church in
Liberia. This station was official inaugurated in 1981 when the People’s
Redemption Council (PRC) government came to power which was led by
then Master Sergeant Samuel Kanyon Doe in 1980 military coup.
The station is a non for profit entity which started operations under the call
sign name ELCM Community Radio. It is a component of the Catholic Media
Center (CAMCAM)
An arson attack on the station in April destroyed ELCM Radio which was
situated on Ashmun Street at that time. This cause a setback for the
church. All of it properties were looted, vandalized and burned to ashes.
With the help of other humanitarian organizations, the Church resumed the
ELCM which was little renamed Radio Veritas, the Voice of Truth. The
station used to broadcast on the FM and SW transmitters covering Liberia
and the West Africa Sub region and beyond.
The station was solely funded by grants and donations from friendly
sources. Our programs were Religious, Civics and educational. We also
broadcast in the seventeen local languages for our religious aspect.
The administration of the station: we have four departments.
Administration headed by the manager
Technical; headed by the chief Technician
Program headed by the program Director
News and Current Affairs headed by the News Director.
All weren’t rosy for Veritas. There were lots of problems and many
closures. Until later when the station came into a partnership with the
World Family of Radio Maria. Discussions started behind the scene until
they were finalize in December 8, 2016 during the Feast of the Immaculate
Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary when the Archdiocese announced
the renaming of Radio Veritas to that of Radio Maria by His Grace

Archbishop Lewis Jerome Zeigler during a Mass in the chapel of our Lady of
Fatima at the station.

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