Priest Director Message

I would like to extend to you a very warm welcome to this edition of the
Catholic Media Center Newsletter “The Voice of Truth.” Permit me also to
extend to you all my personal best prayerful wishes and gratitude. I’m
sure your reading will be enjoyable and productive. Success as you know is
always built on good foundations and healthy merges. With this in mind I
am writing to inform you about the transition of Radio VERITAS into Radio
Maria Liberia in the not too distant future.
Perhaps you may ask what is the “World Family Radio Maria”
Radio Maria is a Catholic Teaching Radio with a unique identity for
evangelization. The name itself “Radio Maria” indicates an identity and a
belonging. It indicates a broadcasting station which is inspired by the
Blessed Virgin Mary and puts itself at Her service. On the Solemnity of the
Annunciation, all stations of Radio Maria worldwide renew their
consecration to Our Lady.
Through its program schedule, Radio Maria calls on all men and women to
a conversion so they may walk in the light of God and live in peace.
The Program schedule of Radio Maria draws inspiration from the spiritual
and moral values of the Gospel and teachings of the Catholic Church. The
essential components of the program schedule are prayer, evangelization
and human promotion which draw inspiration from Christianity and
information enlightened by faith. Music must also elevate the soul and
open hearts.

Prayer is the most important activity of Radio Maria and includes: Prayers
of good Christian morning and evening; daily mass broadcast by the
parishes and communities; the Liturgy of the Hours; the Holy Rosary; the
Angelus; Devotions and special prayers.
Evangelization refers to the entire wealth of the faith and culture of the
Catholic Church and includes: The annunciation of the essential truths of
the faith; the systematic explanation of the Catechism of the Catholic
Church. Courses of Dogmatic Theology, Moral Theology, Holy Scriptures,
Spirituality, History of the Church; Pastoral Issues, Ecumenism, Social
Doctrine of the Church, etc.
Human promotion focuses on Family, Education, Bioethics, Health, Work
Respect for Creation, etc.
Information presents world events from the perspective of faith and it
correctly informs listeners on the way the local and universal church.
Indeed, at every moment of its programming schedule, Radio Maria
communicates light, peace and fraternity.
It is my humble but candid view it is a blessing for the church and people
of Liberia. It is hoped that when this transition is complete, everyone will
reap the spiritual fruits of such a broadcast service.

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